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2016 London Presenting Companies


Aim BrainAimBrain, a next-generation biometrics engineering company, helps financial institutions easily, securely, and accurately authenticate their mobile banking users. Using a patent-pending, context-based step-up authentication methodology, AimBrain is helping some of the world’s largest financial institutions know if their users are really who they say they are.

AimBrain delivers advanced biometrics technology to banks so they can stay ahead of mobile fraud through a secure and frictionless authentication experience. Supported by Episode1, a leading UK venture capitalist, AimBrain is largely recognised for their potential to revolutionalise the world of money and has been named as a 2016 FinTech50 finalist.


BrickvestBrickVest was founded by experienced real estate and technology professionals with backgrounds in real estate investing, managing and financing. BrickVest was created with one goal in mind: to democratize real estate investing by making the investment process more accessible, transparent and less costly for a broader range of investors through technology.


CharlieHRCharlieHR is the free HR platform for small companies, automating many of the administrative headaches and time burdens from collecting payroll details to tracking holidays and sick days.  HR admin is tedious, and we should all spend more time on the stuff that really matters.


 ucGoji empowers peer-to-peer lending by providing investors access to new markets and products including ISAs and pensions. Goji works on an API-based technology that integrates with platforms’ existing frameworks. Goji is building an offering to institutional investors to provide clients with easily investable options into marketplace lending.

Hubbub brings the best independent shops, producers and markets together in one simple delivery, making it easy for people to shop locally, and helping small shops challenge the dominance of the supermarkets.


Measure my enegyMeasureMyEnergy is an all-encompassing circuit level energy monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes from SME’s to global corporations. Having this granular level of detail and visibility alongside the simplest of user interfaces allows businesses to uncover measurable and actionable insights to improve performance, identify energy wastage, change behaviours and ultimately reduce their bottom line. We give businesses the empowerment to make real change.


LogoData driven decision making is incredible difficult. By 2017, 70% of businesses expect to be delivering data driven decisions, yet less then 50% are happy with the outcomes today. The problem is that by the time the data is applied to decisions, the very premise its worked from has changed. Metafused is delivering the last mile of automated decisions in real time, driven by the business user, by fusing multiple data sets, including its own data asset, with cognitive analytics and unlocking new revenues for companies. The product is like IBM Watson, but designed with the needs of the business decision-maker to drive data driven decisions in real time with its first application in marketing. The company is generating early revenues, working with the likes of Experian, The Cloud Networks and retailers in Scandinavia  It’s expanding its scope to adjacent markets like finance with Barclays in the UK.


PrintPACE Financial Group Ltd (PFG) is a limited company.  Monuva is the brand through which PFG will deploy its latest payments capability.

  • PFG’s turnover £2m+/yr, £67,000/yr profit
  • PFG processes 5,000+ transactions per year
  • Member of leading Fintech incubator Level 39


Pie Mapping

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 19.41.49

Pie Mapping provide a transportation and logistics solution that every individual, organisation with a vehicle or fleet, can afford, that is easily use, offers flexibility to scale up & down that will drive operational cost visibility and efficiencies.


racefully_logo-e1448638916254Racefully is the first truly social fitness app, allowing you to exercise virtually with people in real time, wherever they are in the world. We’re capitalising on a predicted $5bn activity tracker market (by 2019), with innovative IP, a smart B2C and B2B offering and a rapidly growing user base.


LogoWhiskyInvestDirect is the new and efficient market for buying and selling Scotch whisky as it matures in barrel – a compelling asset class delivering better than 7% annual appreciation after storage costs and inflation over the last decade. WhiskyInvestDirect supports this centuries-old business by providing cash-flow during the maturing process, enabling investors large and small to own the single malt and grain spirit which blended brands need, stored in bonded warehouses as it matures.


wisealpha_logoWiseAlpha is the first online marketplace allowing individuals to invest in secured corporate loans of major British companies. Our online investment platform offers our members access to senior secured loan investments yielding on average 5-8% in some of the UK's leading companies.

Until now, the corporate loan market has remained largely untransformed by technological innovation but wiseAlpha is now making this asset class accessible to a wider investment audience.

2015 London Presenting Companies

Captive Media

Captive Media is building a media channel to allow advertisers to target 18-30 year-old men. It is the only outdoor media to guarantee audience engagement and to offer full measurability. The company has worked with brands from Diageo, Apple and 20th Century Fox and has sales in 12 countries worldwide.

Compare Cloudware

Compare Cloudware makes it easy to find, choose and use the right cloud solution through a unique comparison engine. Think of hugely successful examples in other sectors like Compare the Market, Trivago or Right Move. Now, think of a ‘supermarket’ for users and sellers of cloud software and services and you have: Compare Cloudware.


We are all about helping shopping centres better understand their end customers. We provide industry leading loyalty marketing software that enables our clients or the first time to understand their customers and how they behave. Through our efforts, our clients engage in deeper, more meaningful relationships with their loyal customers and brand advocates.


Receiving $600k from government, Coolio is a prominent start-up located in the heart of Korean science city, Daejeon. With industry leading technology, social taste engine, it focuses on analyzing social data to provide quality information to the users. By allowing users to be able to search and to be curated from the data that’s generated by users, it focuses on ameliorate the data acquisition process in everyday life.

ESeller Express

ESeller Express has developed a SaaS which solves many of the operational issues encountered by most companies engaged in multi-channel commerce. The system is at an advanced stage of development and currently undergoing beta testing. There is a global audience for the product offering substantial growth opportunities.

Fortress Innovation

Fortress Innovation is a pioneering ALM solutions provider in Korea. Top 3 local life insurers depend on our solution every day for variable-annuity design and calculation.

Recently, Fortress merged latest hardware & software technology to deliver parallel computing at a fraction of cost of traditional CPU grids via ExcelBoosterTM. Patented ExcelBooster converts familiar Excel VBA to Cuda C code automatically.

Soon, Fortress will also operate a one-stop hedging-desk for variable-annuity.

Horizon Strategic Partners

Horizon was founded by Mike Northall and Ian Williams after they sold their previous technology company to Logicalis and built and sold a data centre to Scottish and Southern in 2007.

Our first projects were with the Department of Health to implement new systems at the National Institute of Health Research and Health Education England.

In 2012 we developed a mobile application (MicroGuide) to enable pharmacy departments to publish antimicrobial guidelines to clinicians’ mobile devices.

We launched MicroGuide in 2013 and have sold the service to over 60 Medical organizations and are looking to build on this expertise to develop similar applications and open up overseas markets.


MeasureMyEnergy shows you when and where you spend money on energy. It’s like having an itemised bill for your utilities! With the detailed information available and the simplest of user interfaces companies and individuals can identify wasted energy, change behaviour and apply controls and technologies to save money.


MtoV is a driving life innovation company based on connecting technology. Manipulating vehicle-related data from OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) scanners of individual drivers, we create useful information on the frameworks of mathematical models and convergence technologies. Furthermore, we provide proactive guide services for the drivers to enjoy easy, safe, and smart driving. MtoV consists of experts in the areas of data sciences, wireless/sensor networks, image processing, and information protection.


MyCognition is the world’s first company to integrate cognitive assessment with training. Our assessments are based on 200 years of research and measure the five cognitive domains of cognitive health. Cognitive training is built into engaging video games. We are inspired to improve the quality of life for those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Special Educational Needs and mental health of adults.

PIE Mapping

We are the creators and operators of the Transport for London Freight Journey Planner and the VIP and Logistics Journey Planning Platform for the 2012 Olympics.

The PIE platform includes services like the Freight Journey Planner and the London Lorry Route Approver. We are working towards a nation-wide (and international) expansion over the next few months and are also integrating new functionalities offered as a wide range of SAAS based services to the freight, delivery and construction industries, including: Fleet Management, Hub management, Asset Tracking, Mobile Workforce, Dynamic Response Routing etc.

Pooch Technologies

Pooch Technologies is a London based developer of the PoochPal mobile application and platform. The idea for PoochPal came about through the founder’s Master Thesis / Entrepreneurial Project whilst completing his MBA at the University of Oxford. Pooch Technologies’ Head of Research Dr Ryan Morrison joined upon completion of his PhD thesis at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, with a focus on determining the physical activity needs of various breeds of dogs through wearable technologies. PoochPal is a real social network in that it promotes people with dogs to get out and meet up in their local park for walking and playing.

Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems is a cloud infrastructure automation software company. Our product, FishDirector, is the world’s first energy-optimizing and utilization-improving solution for OpenStack, the fastest growing IaaS platform. FishDirector enables cloud data center operators to massively reduce top 3 costs of data center operations: (1) servers, (2) energy, (3) facilities; improving bottomline.


Shopitize is a unique mobile marketing platform that enables brands and merchants to grow sales and drive loyalty by providing tailored offers and promotions to shoppers. In so doing, Shopitize significantly improves brand and merchant ROI by influencing individual shoppers’ path-to-purchase and closing the loop between their engagement and purchase decisions across multiple retailers without the need for any retailer POS integration.


We started our company from Dec. 2014 as a 1st winner team in KOCCA CKL start-up masters program. Upon lean start-up model, we developed our beta platform in 2 months, and service/marketing model in 1 month. For 5 months of beta operation, we have seen many great market signals such as satisfied customers, group classes, and media press release.


WiseJet provides a low power Gbps wireless solution together with a virtual joystick for smartphone-centric wireless mobile game.

The wireless solution enables a simplified setting for Gbps wireless connections, which consequently enables simple plug-and-play operation, zero delay, and, more importantly, low power consumption. The virtual joystick is implemented on the smartphone using the WiseJet’s patented dual-screen technique.

2014 London Presenting Companies

ACE - Analyst Consensus Estimates

ACE Consensus Ltd. (ACE) produces detailed, high quality insight into market expectations for listed companies. It does so by collating forecasts from financial analysts on a consistent, comprehensive and timely basis. By using a bespoke template for each company on the platform, ACE also delivers an unparalleled depth of accurate, up-to-date segmental forecast information.

Care Systems Integration Ltd

Care Systems Integration Ltd. helps care providers and relatives improve ‘at home’ care for the elderly and infirm by combining advanced telecare and care management systems with information assimilation, storage and display.

The objectives are:

  • for the frail and elderly – better ‘at home’ care with better outcomes, enabling more people to stay at home.
  • for carers – release from paper work, placing the focus on giving better care.
  • for medics – an holistic view of care provision; all information to hand in one place.
  • for relatives – peace of mind a relative is well, comfortable and receiving care, enabling relatives to be effective advocates for vulnerable people.

Contentment connects people with the content they love – on any device.

Our cloud-hosted platform makes it simple for publishers and brands to sync content from anywhere, remix it into beautiful interactive apps, and publish them to iOS, Android and web. Publishers can find new revenue with digital subscriptions, print + digital bundling, in-app purchase, and interactive advertising.


CrowdVision software measures flows of people very accurately in real-time by automatically processing video of crowded scenes. The near term focus for B2B revenues is airport operations, where customers invest in minimising queues to improve passenger experience and maximise ‘spending time’. The same technology has wide potential in transport, retail, events, smart cities and more. The company is heading towards a first growth round in about a year’s time and is currently angel funded.


DevOpsGuys offer ‘web application management without the worry’. We are pioneering a new market segment of “application management providers” who complement cloud hosting services by providing web application management for e-businesses. We help our customers launch, maintain and optimize their online applications, allowing them to accelerate time-to-market and to focus on adding value for their business instead of worrying about day-to-day website operations.

ERN Global

ERN is a pioneering global big data analytics company. Our enterprise SaaS big data analytics platform “LOOOP” enables business users to directly analyse data in real-time in order to visualise actionable insights without the intervention of IT. Looop accelerates the analytical value chain by seamlessly aggregating multiple sources of data, to deliver actionable business insights from sophisticated predictive analytics.

Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics is a cloud-based software solution that uses behavioural data analytics to help professional investors to make more skilled investment decisions. In other words, Essentia shows fund managers and traders how to do more of what they’re good at and less of what they’re not. Essentia’s online investment journal was designed by fund managers for fund managers. Applying behavioural finance and other analytics, it turns trade, market, biometric and other relevant data into actionable, personal insights, creating a simple, accurate, continuous feedback loop – the same sort that professional athletes use to achieve excellence.

Ether Books

Maureen Scott’s career has been defined by Mobile. She ran one of the world’s first mobile application developer programmes for Openwave Inc, the Silicon Valley company whose technology enabled the Mobile Internet. Ether Books combines her deep mobile & consumer app expertise with her love of reading.


Founded in 2001, Fifosys is an innovative IT Services and Infrastructure Outsourcing business, delivering technology solutions to support the growth of clients in the SME market.

Fifosys’ ability to recognise the crucial role of technology in the effective and efficient running of UK businesses has enabled it to advise, guide and support the expansion businesses in a diverse array of sectors including property, retail, financial services and education.


Founded in London in 2013, LyteSpark is poised to disrupt the professional communications market. The award winning LyteSpark platform uses technology that makes video meetings and virtual events a pleasure to organise and join. In an age of global opportunities and distributed workforce LyteSpark will become as indispensable as the post-it note or office stapler.

Mash Machine

Mash Machine provides new channels for the distribution and monetisation of content. Our intelligent algorithms turn complex creative processes that only professionals can manage, into simple activities that inspire people and foster their creativity. Through our platform anyone can create powerful multimedia experiences using a mix of music, visuals, animations or texts.


Henry Firth has 12 years in mobile and digital – launching products for some of the biggest companies in the UK, DSG, Arcadia, AEI Media. Most recently he launched all of Arcadia Group’s mobile sites and mobile apps, before founding PingTune with Hambro Perks investment firm.

Q App

Q App is a mobile ordering and payment platform that removes the need to queue in busy hospitality, sports and entertainment venues, while enabling venues to process more orders, increase average order value and gather rich customer data. Clients include Royal Albert Hall, Southbank Centre, Ministry of Sound, West Brom FC, Queen’s Tennis Club, Palace Theatre, ETM Group, Drake & Morgan, Pho and a number of other bars, pubs, coffee shops and fast food outlets.


Mobile DSP with proprietary RTB technology and machine learning optimisation algorithms especially designed for performance and branding campaigns, featuring:

  • Connection to the major exchanges.
  • Self-service and managed service options.
  • Rich media and mobile video ad formats.
SOMA Analytics

SOMA Analytics measures stress on a scientifically validated basis by just using the sensors of a smartphone – no questionnaires or additional devices needed. Based on the data collected, interventions are tailored specifically to each user. Application is sold B2B for employee stress prevention.

The Backscratchers

The creative industries are changing. Organisations are finding an increased demand for staff skills beyond their core business. Finding freelancers or agencies to fill these roles on an as-needed basis, however, is often time consuming, costly and frustrating. In other words, there is a major gap between companies with projects and the right people to do them. The Backscratchers have stepped in to fill that gap. They connect companies with hand-picked freelance talent or agencies for projects. The talent is industry approved and recommended and covers 40+ creative and technical disciplines. Clients include Time Out, BBC Worldwide and Unilever.


Twizoo is an app that gives restaurant recommendations based on what people are saying on Twitter. With a cool and intuitive visualization showing the buzz on Twitter, you can make a quick decision about where to eat or drink nearby, or all around London. For restaurants, Twizoo is an advertising service that automatically targets and displays a restaurant’s Tweets on the Twizoo app. This instantly expands a restaurant’s reach beyond their followers to Twizoo users at point of search.


Qwince works to provide to its customers a secure environment to innovate and to scale up their processes, using new technologies and business models. Since 2007, our engineers, researchers and developers have been helping our customers to realize their digital potential and trust the increasingly connected digital life. We are keen to create new, sustainable, efficient and economic products and services, by researching, integrating and developing the future of human-computer interaction.Qwince has great plans. We want to close the gap between real and digital world by solving a tricky question: How can wearable, digital and ubiquitous technologies enhance the business processes of our customers in the real world?

Win Investing

Darren Winters is the number one attended investment speaker in the UK having personally trained over 300,000 people. He is the founder of Win Investing LLP and The Wealth Training Company LLP, which has been successfully training investors since year 2000. Darren is also a full time trader, international investment speaker, and investment writer. He has been investing for over 20 years, having traded in both the UK and the USA

He is now the number 1 UK based investment speaker, having taught thousands of Investment ‘Master Classes’ and Seminars. His two-day ‘Investment Success’ training courses are the most popular of their kind in Britain and have generated vast numbers success stories and consistent praise from attendees and the investment industry.

Yossarian Lives

Yossarian is a revolutionary metaphorical search engine that promotes lateral thinking across the Internet, helping people generate new ideas and fresh perspectives, inspire innovation, and discover new connections.

2013 London Presenting Companies

Autology World

Autology is a technologically innovative eLearning/mLearning business positioned to capitalise upon the rapid global growth as the education sector moves digital. Autology provides users with low cost, safe, structured access to a vast virtual library of high quality online education resources spanning eTextbook, web portals, video, image and interactive lessons. In total Autology’s virtual ‘library’ indexes, by key stage and subject, over 500,000 resources from the leading publishers, media companies and government bodies.


Bactest is a Cambridge, UK based company that has developed a range of portable bacterial respirometers which can quickly and easily detect bacterial contamination in a range of industries such as potable water, food, brewing, paint and general research. Further applications in development include products to measure bacterial activity in sewage plants to improve efficiency and significantly reduce plants power consumption.

Bounty Network

Bounty Network is the first community marketplace for people to refer their friends for jobs and for companies to post their jobs and only pay the price they want to pay, when they hire. Bounty Network’s mission is to fundamentally change how recruitment works to make it smarter for job seekers and more cost efficient for firms looking to hire. Bounty Network aims to remove the middle men of expensive recruitment consultants and low quality job boards. Bounty Network is already working with leading organisations such as Secret Escapes, Seatwave and Macmillian Cancer Research, and has been featured in the Independent and the Financial Times.

Brand Embassy

Brand Embassy is a next-level customer service platform. It’s like a call center, but on social media. The platform is used by large brands including Vodafone, Telefonica O2, T-Mobile, General Motors, ING and others. Brand Embassy, with operations in Europe, North America USA, Australia and Latin America was recently awarded by Red Herring Europe 2013 for the most innovative companies. More at

Captive Media

Captive Media has developed the world’s first pee-controlled video game! Male guests find it a hugely entertaining addition to the venue, and vividly remember ad messages appearing after the game – making it both fun and functional. It’s attracted widespread PR and is now installed in bars, hotels, retail outlets and sports venues in a dozen countries in Europe & America, with major brands advertising.


EZBOB is the first fully-automated online lending platform for small business’ online sellers (e-tailers) in the UK. Any business that has an online presence can qualify and receive funding of up to £40,000 for any of their working capital needs. The online application takes under 10 minutes to complete and funding is instant. EZBOB is a fin-tech company.


Footfall123 provides tools to businesses which allows them to launch powerful marketing campaigns via email, SMS, mobile apps, social media, plastic cards or direct mail. Each campaign is tracked via our unique barcoding technology, meaning the businesses knows which campaigns work, and can react quickly and easily to the huge amounts of data which we generate.

Fullsun Photovoltaics

Fullsun’s mission is to drive down cost and simplify HCPV solar module design and manufacture so that Fullsun becomes the lead supplier to the global distributed and utility solar energy markets. We have designed what we believe is the lowest cost /watt, highest power to weight ratio HCPV solar module.


HipSnip provides a shopping community platform that helps companies better convert online visits to sales, improve organic search traffic and develop a loyal community. HipSnip adds a channel to a company’s website where shoppers can get advice on what to buy, both from each other and from product experts.


Mediamano provides software to simplify the task of producing and managing professional video. When our clients implement our software, they get significant improvements in productivity (less people) and quality (less errors).

Moixa Energy

Scope: Energy – Smart Distributed Storage powering peak DC lighting and electronics
MASLOW – Efficient Hybrid Power provides meter attached storage at customer premises for powering base and peak load DC demand from DC lighting, electronics and computing. DC demand is expected to exceed 45% by 2020 in households driven by billions of new consumer electronic and internet connected devices. MASLOW displace the need for AC/DC adaptors through enabling a universal USB standard to power multiple voltages, from batteries charged off peak or from local renewable sources such as PV, or coupled to regional wind generation, to deliver low prices, good tariffs, low carbon energy.

For Utilities and network operators, MASLOW’s – network of distributed Storage, can be used in aggregate to balance local and national demands, and enable smart meter tariffs to deliver impact.


Dedicated to providing m-Commerce for all, MoPowered represents a recognized, accessible and cost effective solution to help all retailers to take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by increased levels of mobile traffic. MoPowered enables merchants to quickly and seamlessly execute a mobile strategy via mobile-friendly websites and apps. Bridging the gap between the payments and mobile world, we fully understand the checkout and payment chain. Our clients range from small bespoke retailers through to internationally recognized names such as Waterstones and Next.


Movirtu provides mobile identity solutions based on its Virtual SIM platform, decoupling the identity from the SIM card and enables operators to offer innovative solutions for business and consumer segments.


my1login is a cloud-based password manager for consumers and businesses. Unlike competitor offerings, my1login requires no software or browser plug-ins.
End-users benefit from the simplicity of one login and being able to sign into sites with one click. Business administrators benefit from comprehensive password security reports whilst managers reduce corporate risk and improve productivity.

my1login protects businesses against 65% of the causes of all security breaches according to Verizon’s 2013 report.

Oxford Photovoltaics

OxfordPV is commercializing IP from research by Dr. Henry Snaith and his 20 scientists in Oxford University. The company has secured 2 rounds of equity funding, 2 TSB grants and one FP7, in total more than £4.2M. OxfordPV’s technology is an electricity generating coating for the glass facades of buildings.


Paythru is a cloud based m-commerce payment and marketing platform that turns the consumer’s mobile device into a personal, mobile POS payments device that works on all mobile devices, on all networks, with any bank, in any market, anywhere in the world. This gives consumers the means to pay by what is in their real wallet… debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, coupons, vouchers, loyalty points and even “virtual’ wallets. Paythru is compliant to the highest industry standard (PCI DSS Level 1) enabling “one click” checkout and complete security of personal details. Our solution is a means for merchants to reduce transaction costs and achieve higher revenues.


PIE began as a traditional printed map publisher but under Freddie’s guidance has moved into the location based (GPS) mapping industry and is an innovator in terms of both data capture and distribution processes for online and in-vehicle navigation and routing products.

Route Monkey

Route Monkey provides comprehensive scheduling and routing software solutions, for conventional commercial vehicle fleets and for electric vehicles. Route Monkey’s award winning products deliver combined savings of up to 20% for a wide range of clients, by lowering fuel bills, increasing vehicle utilisation and reducing the fleet management time burden.


People are putting more and more of their data online. It is fragmented, hard to reuse, and subject to loss. More and more companies own partial slices of that data. Yet the individual whose data it is owns none of it. The big question we ask is: Why shouldn’t you be the single biggest owner of your own data? SocialSafe is your library of you.


Shopbox offers a simple online campaign solution to turn online and mobile audience into physical customers. We became famous locally for developing a transaction loyalty infrastructure for shopping centers, and then migrated that technology to serve small merchants. We now provide the software infrastructure for hundreds of shops to convert online users into loyal offline customers.

Solway communications

High performance connectivity is essential for businesses and consumers. The UK is hampered by the ‘last mile’ monopoly of Openreach legacy voice network. Subsidies will whet the market’s appetite but not be enough to satisfy it. SolwayComms uses multiple technologies to outperform Openreach and meet that demand.


VouchedFor is blowing open the world of professional advice, making it easy to find, rate and review IFAs and (later) other professionals (e.g., solicitors). Launched mid-2012, and backed by an awesome group of angels, the website has nearly 1000 registered IFAs, and is already approaching profitability.


WheelRight’s ‘Drive-Over’ tyre monitoring system provides fleet operators and motorists with immediate tyre pressure, tread condition, weight and load information. The sensors on the ground transmit the data to the user and the WheelRight database.
With 18 months of commercial trials completed WheelRight is now preparing to install a network of systems in bus/truck depots and on fuel forecourts. The potential worldwide is 400,000 sites.